Monday, February 2, 2015

Dividend Income Update - January 2015

January 2015 Dividends Received:
  • Baxter (BAX) - $26.74
  • Walt Disney Co(DIS) - $75.90
  • General Electric Co (GE) - $52.90
  • Kansas City Southern (KSU) - $5.74
  • McCormick & Company Inc (MKC) - $12.06
  • Altria (MO) - $55.28
  • Nike (NKE) - $14.00
  • Realty Income Corp. (O) - $26.47
  • Philip Morris International (PM) - $71.37
  • Union Pacific Corp (UNP) - $30
  • Western Digital Corp (WDC) - $9.60
  • Wal-mart Stores Inc (WMT) - $1.35
Total dividends received during the month of January: $381.41

Total dividends received so far in 2015: $381.41

Projected forward yearly dividend income: $6,924.53

Projected forward average monthly dividend income: $577.04
Portfolio market value: $226,792.19


  1. Alpha,

    Excellent income in what is often a slow month for most people. There are auite a lot of companies on your list that I'd love to add to my portfolio too one day soon.

    Keep it up, looking forward to see you break the $7,000 forward income barrier.


    1. Hi NMW,

      I've mostly been paying of margin from last October when I bought a bit more on the dip. This month that should all be paid off. I will be adding some MDT and PEP to raise the income for this month as those are quality companies that pay out in January. I also bought some DPS which also pays out in January. -- but even with that, this kind of dividend ladder still tilts heavily toward the third month when most companies pay their dividend. It might not be a bad idead to track it over a quarterly basis instead of over a monthly basis at some point in the future.

      ARCP temporarily cut its dividend, which is a bit of a bummer as that would have added $60 a month, but it should come back later this year, which will be nice - we'll see what kind of payout they are doing then. On the other side GILD (which is one of my larger positions) just initiated a dividend (and a buyback too) so that is a nice boost.

      The coming months are great because most companies announce their new higher dividends. I call it 'dividend growth season' :).
      UNP (+10%),
      DPS (+17%),
      WDC (+25%),
      GILD (initiated at 1.61% yield or $0.43/share quarterly -- this announcement added $14 a month to my forward projected average income),
      ... all great upwards 'suprises' and the season has just started.

      Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to seeing both of us breaking some of those income barriers during the coming years!

  2. Hey Alpha ! Just found out your blog and found it inspiring that you can achieve FI without only investing in index funds, keep up the good work !

    1. Hey Chasing Gains,

      sure you can achieve Fi without the index funds. They are nothing more than a bucket of stocks, I simply like putting my own bucket together. That bucket is designed based on my own (risk) criteria and (income) goals.

      I just checked out your blog and you are years ahead of your peers. Starting your journey to FI at 18 is impressive.
      So invest in yourself:
      - read a lot of books,
      - lots of eduction can be gained for free from a library without expensive costs of degrees (my library lends out ebooks and audiobooks too),
      - pick a career that makes money first and that you enjoy doing (in that order :) )
      - and finally live below your means so you can save and invest the remainder.

      I only started investing in my late twenties and it was an eye-opening experience. So keep learning and side-hustlin' for some cash whilst you work/study on your own career.

      All the best and good luck on your journey too!