About Me

Male, Generation Y, Millenial, born in the mid 80's.

I figured out early on in life what I wanted to do and pursued it with a passion. I got both an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree in my field. I worked (within my field) whilst I studied and graduated almost completely debt free. I worked hard, moved up the ladder, jumped companies, improved my skills and overall enjoyed my work a lot.

I have lived below my means and saved a good portion of my income, but only discovered my interest in finance and investing in my late twenties. This is when I learned about financial independence (FI) and this became a new goal. Since I actually enjoy my work a lot, I will probably continue working when I achieve FI, but I might take on some side projects that align more with my personal interests. Also perhaps in the future I will have a family and I hope to spend time with my kids to actually raise and educate them. Being FI means I will have time to spend with them.