1. Hello Alphatarget,
    very impressive numbers you have. But why only single stocks and not some ETF?
    Best regards and take care

    1. Hello EternalYield,

      Thanks, I've been building it for a while now so the portfolio is starting to generate some nice side income (which currently gets reinvested).

      I do own ETFs in my 401k, that is just not listed here. Perhaps I'll add that at some point too to provide a full picture, although I'm tracking my 'easily accessible' accounts here mostly as that is the income I will be able to access during early retirement.

      I find that I can just as well build my own ETF, not pay any comissions after the initial buy, rebalance using new funds, get a predictable dividend stream (that can be reinvested for free using drip or frip) and get an overal slighly higher yield than some of the mainstream ETFs. I can focus on some of the dividend champions and dividend growers as well.

      In terms of commisions it would come to around:
      $250,000 * 0.01* 0.04 = $100 per year - which is what the VINIX charges in expense ratio.
      $100 / $7 = 14.2 ---> This mean for the same price I can do around 14 trades per year, which is currently plenty for me as I try to go after positions of around $2-$3k.

      I will probably diversify into ETFs for some international exposure as tracking foreign companies on top of the US companies becomes too time consuming.
      Also if I ever get too old to manage my own portfolio it will be ETFs all the way. Also if I find that the portfolio management starts taking too much time I might switch a larger portion towards ETFs, but that is not yet the case for me.